No matter the challenge,

 scientific putting instruction will help you become a great putter.


Taking the science of putting and simplifying it into easily understood and manageable putting tips. 

About Dr David Moffat

I can coach you step-by-step how to become a great putter by exploring different scientific intervention methods to make positive change happen.  But first, I am sure you'd like to hear my story. I will keep it brief.

After successful military and corporate careers it wasn't until I attended university and learned how much scientific research there was on golf putting.  I figured that all golfers should have access to the science that differs from the instructional literature leading coaches and tour players give us, which is often perceived as anecdotal.

So, on completion of my putting related PhD I created with one intention - to become an online putting coach and provide the global golfing community with scientific & evidenced-based coaching.


I use live online resources for my coaching sessions.  As recent research has shown, using online resources to access coaching remotely is very effective, and is particularly suitable especially now with COVID-19.


My coaching philosophy is pragmatic which involves the use of a practical approach to understanding the putting environment with an emphasis on evaluating actions and beliefs based on their consequences.


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Mental Readiness

Discover the three major readiness factors that interfere with optimal performance, and learn how to manage mental readiness for consistently making more putts.


Aiming & Green Reading

Green reading is the process of identifying the correct initial ball direction by evaluating surface and topographical characteristics of the green.


Stroke & Technique

Your putting stroke is an important factor in improving your overall putting performance

discover kinematic stroke parameters today.

How it works


 Putting Assessment

Two of the greatest challenges for putting coaches are to produce golfers who are capable of independent and critical thinking and who can understand their own putting game in order to make critical decisions on the golf course.

The first step to improving your putting performance is the personal assessment  which will give you the chance to outline what you want to address. 

Download the ZOOM app on your desktop or mobile device. When your booking is confirmed click on the ZOOM link and you are good to go.


Coaching Session

Following the  personal assessment 

your scientific coaching programmes can vary from a few weeks to many months.


Throughout these timeframes  programmes are continually monitored and adapted to suit each golfers individual needs. 

The primary justification for using a structured practice programme is its influence on retention. If a behaviour change is retained, it must be considered learned.


This means lots of deliberate practice and effort  must persist for learning to take place. There are no quick fixes!


Block Booking

Improved level of  putting performance is 

not possible without a long-term commitment to training and practice. Deliberate practice and not just practice is necessary for the attainment of expertise.


Increased amounts of deliberate and structured practice as well as the variability and specificity of each putting task will result in a positive performance outcome. 

Book four lessons and get one lesson absolutely free. There are no timeline restrictions so 

you can use each individual lesson whenever

you feel the need. 

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