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Learn how to master the 10 principal putting tasks


About Dr David Moffat


I can coach you step-by-step on how to become a great putter by exploring scientific intervention methods that have been proven to be effective.  But first, I am sure you'd like to hear my story. I will keep it brief. After successful military and corporate careers, I attended university as a mature student gaining a PhD and a BSc with first-class honours. During my full-time PhD studies, I was employed as a sports psychology lecturer to undergraduates. For my doctorate, I investigated the visual system at the neural level in elite golf putting performance.  I quickly figured out the golfing community should have access to research on putting that differs from the instructional literature, which is often perceived as anecdotal. For that reason, I created to provide all golfers with scientific & evidence-based coaching.

What I offer

I will tailor my coaching program to your individual needs and help you overcome your specific putting challenges. For example, if you tend to miss putts because you are anxious and stressed, I will work with you to develop a self-focus and distraction intervention plan that protects you from negative outcomes.

Working with a scientific & evidence-based putting coach like myself can give you the edge you need to lower your scores. I have a deep understanding of the psychology of putting and I am up-to-date on the latest research in putting performance. I am confident that I can help you improve your putting and become a more consistent golfer.

Coaching philosophy

I adhere to a pragmatic coaching philosophy which involves the use of a practical approach to understanding the putting environment with an emphasis on evaluating actions and beliefs based on their consequences.

St Andrews, Scotland

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