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3. True Topspin

Few golfers are able to strike every putt on the exact impact spot on the putter face and with the correct angle of attack to achieve end-over-end true topspin. This is because it requires a great deal of skill and practice to consistently control the putter face.


End-over-end true topspin is essential for making accurate putts and distance control. When the ball has topspin, it rolls smoothly and consistently towards the hole. This is in contrast to a putt with sidespin, which will skid and jump on the green.


The first objective of every golfer should be learning how to control the putter face to impart true topspin to the ball. This can be done through practice and by using the correct technique.

I will teach you how to master this craft by developing a structured practice intervention to help you create an accurate and repeating stroke that produces end-over-end true topspin. The practice intervention will include a series of drills that will help you to improve your quality and accuracy of strike.

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