Callum Blinkhorn

Handicap +3  Kentucky, USA

"When I started working with David, I had a problem with being strict with my pre-putting process and also being able to think clearly on the greens".


"David is extremely knowledgeable and he gave me some great things to work on and the results so far are very positive". 


"I am looking forward to the future and continuing my work with David".

Thalia Martin

Handicap +1  Cambridgeshire, England

"David's knowledge of putting is learned and applied from golf science  and not general observation. He has helped me improve my putting by helping me first understand the basic functionality of the brain".

"As part of my pre-putt routine I now include a brain simulation of seeing the ball going in the hole. The results are brilliant and my confidence levels have definitely increased".


Peter Henderson

Handicap 12  West Sussex,  England

"David has really helped improve my putting by helping me focus 

my attention on the putting process rather than the outcome. He  takes the science of putting

 and simplifies it into understandable 

and manageable chunks". 


"I am very excited about the progress  being made and I look forward to working with David further to hit my target of 30 putts per round".